• Looking for Staff 307

    Looking for Staff

    We are looking to pick up new staff members for our organization. If you are interested, please submit a resume to our email; We are looking for the…

    Mon 31st Aug 2015 - 5:12amRead More
  • Joining CEVO IM 110

    Joining CEVO IM

    Our roster, joined the CEVO IM. We will competing in this league for the next few months. Stay updated with our schedule on, also pay attention for any tweets about streamed matches! To check out our status…

    Mon 31st Aug 2015 - 4:58amRead More
  • Roster Update 75

    Roster Update

    We have finalized our CS:GO roster, bringing in new talent to the table. This team will be competing in upcoming Leagues and Tournaments. Roster: Konflict // In-Game Leader Brandon // Support (Seconday…

    Mon 31st Aug 2015 - 4:54amRead More
  • Counter-Strike & Krave Gaming 50

    Counter-Strike & Krave…

    With the growth of Counter-Strike, rising up to the top of eSports, it only felt right to pick up a team to join our family. We will be looking to progress and expand our name throughout the CS:GO scene. As we head forward,…

    Mon 31st Aug 2015 - 4:51amRead More
  • Joining CSGM S2 97

    Joining CSGM S2

    Our competitive CS:GO team has joined the CSGM Season 2. We look forward to competing in weekly matches, which will all be broadcasted. Our matches will be streamed on   To check…

    Mon 31st Aug 2015 - 4:42amRead More